About Us

Since 1999

OnGrowing Works Ltd., a multiple award winning Western Canadian leader in the landscape design and construction industry, has been exceeding client expectations in Calgary, Cochrane and the surrounding area since 1999.

      OnGrowing Works core values act as our corporate moral compass fostering a work culture committed to the positive experience of our clients and staff, who are proud to be known as good people in pursuit of the highest standards of design and construction excellence.


      OnGrowing Works is a cadre of inspired craftsmen that innovate, support and lead the North American standard for sustainable construction business services. We build to last and to leave lasting impressions.

        Trust   -   Respect   -   Integrity   -   Safety   -   Quality


  • ONGROWING mastery of heritage craftsmanship integrated with advanced technology and sustainable practices.
  • WORKS to innovate both technically and creatively with the intent to educate ourselves, our clients and community in preparation to renovate indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  • DESIGN for an experience that engages the client, anticipates challenges and opportunities ensuring confidence in the master plan and the budget.
  • BUILD meaning and value through innovative solutions to custom residential and commercial craftsmanship.