Residential Services


Meaning and Value


At OnGrowing Works we appreciate that you are making an investment. An investment of time, energy and money. We plan to  ensure that your ideals and expectations for timing and budget are respected. We understand that you have a vision for what you want your  living space to be. Our design team will listen, anticipate and explore with you until all of your expectations are effectively integrated with our professional practices and documented in a Master Plan, Proposal and Budget. Our clients also appreciate that our innovative nature and sustainable practices provide added value while being mindful of costs.


Solving problems with inspiring results


We are problem solvers. We imagineer "wow".

Our clients greatly appreciate the Team's ability to integrate proven strategies with an innovative approach designed to custom fit the client's needs. Our dynamic array of technical skills combined with a vast network of professional innovators enables a comprehensive response to any challenge or opportunity.

Our "one-stop-shop" provides consultation on design, estimating, horticulture, low impact development, alternative energy installations, drainage issues, water capture, renovations, engineering and code/permit requirements. 

Project Management

Doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it is always right


For ease of mind put us in charge. We are builders. We are homeowners. We are family men. We get it. Our strength of leadership is in experience and perspective. Clients are confident in our knowledge of resource management and trusting in our engaged focus on what is in their best interest. Through continuous collaboration We plan and stick to the plan. We schedule and stay on schedule. We set a budget and control costs. We also happen to be considerate, efficient, professional and fun to have around! 


It is what we leave you with and How we leave you feeling.


We construct quality and create lasting impressions. The true value of OnGrowing Works is often shared by our clients long after the project is finished. They remain impressed by the quality of construction but also emphasize the positive impact of their experience with our people. Considerate, tidy, hard working, engaging and professional are words often repeated by our clients. Our priority is to ensure Quality Installation Practices exceed industry standard. Our team maintains and develops a high level of certification as technicians and craftsmen. Our company selects for strength of character and a culture of exceeding client expectations. We humbly appreciate the many awards received over the years and more importantly the rewards of client pride in their new living space.