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When you choose OnGrowing Works for your project, you get an entire team of professionals who will help you create the effect you are looking for. They are an eclectic, dynamic team, who are enthusiastic and waiting to show you why they are the best at what they do. As individuals, they bring their past experiences and their own expertise. As a team, they are unparalleled in their commitment to quality and will surpass your every expectation.

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Bruce Kay

Owner, Journeyman Landscape Horticulturist

Bruce Kay is the proud owner of OnGrowing Works. He has 32 years of landscape construction and general construction experience. His product and technical knowledge are highly regarded within the industry. Bruce is currently the Presiding Officer for the Alberta Governments Provincial Apprenticeship Committee. He also is actively involved with Olds College School of Horticulture as an Industry Advisor. Bruce also contributes to provincial educational sub committees for Landscape Alberta and was a key contributor to writing the Red Seal standard and National Occupational Analysis with the Canadian Agriculture Research Council in the Landscape Horticulturist trade.

Terry Norman

General Manager and Sales Manager

Terry arrived at OnGrowing Works in 2006. In a few short months, it became very clear that Terry had the aptitude to become a great business manager and a key leader in future development of OnGrowing Works. Terry’s incredible sense of process, systems and his attention to detail has made him an invaluable leader for staff, as well as an ombudsman for our clients. He quickly took over the helm as General Manager deeply involved in all aspects of the business and a key contributor to our culture. His “people” savvy and construction experience has grown over the years while working on a wide variety of projects with all OnGrowing Works. Terry is the company’s initial point of contact, he reviews most all work opportunities and assigns them to the appropriate tradesman for review before moving toward a formal proposal, quotation and contract.

Wade McArthur

Operations Manager

With more than 22 years’ experience, Wade brings a high level of technical savvy and knowledge to the design and construction process. Wade made his start at Olds College graduating from Landscape Management program in 1997. As the entrepreneurial type, it was an easy transition for him to move in to owning his own landscape and design company McArthur's Landscaping. As time passed Wade found himself looking for a more team orientated environment. It was at this point that Wade made the decision to approach OnGrowing Works. He was welcomed in to the fold in 2011 as the Operations Manager which allowed Wade the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of OnGrowing Works. He has become a major factor in the development, and growth of the crews he orchestrates. Wade is a leader by example in his attention to detail and vision for integrating deign into construction. He prides himself in understanding all the minutia and detail in every project that crosses his path. 

Rick Vaisman

Safety Manager

Rick came to us in 2016 as our new Safety Consultant. In a short time Rick has made his presence felt throughout OnGrowing Works, and is considered a teammate and a friend by all. Safety is one of OnGrowing Works’ core values, and Rick is an integral part of that. Through his leadership and 8 years of safety experience he cultivates our employees through a bottom-up approach. Prior to being a Safety Consultant, Rick spent many of his years working as a Peace Officer for Alberta Health Services. In his spare time Rick is a family man, who enjoys playing the drums, watching movies, and travelling.

Vince Constantineau

Journeyman Carpenter

Vince is a craftsman meticulous in his work, demanding efficiency from his teammates and standing firm with integrity. His background extends 15 years in residential and commercial construction, combined with Vince completing his Red Seal in Carpentry in 2010 he has proven to be very successful in growing his abilities into a unique set of skills which OnGrowing Works has come to depend on. Vince has a natural talent with everything carpentry and can build most anything thrown his way. He has proven himself to be a leader, role model, and he truly exudes the culture we strive for here at OnGrowing Works.

Brooks Walsh

Journeyman Carpenter

Brooks first started to make his presence felt with OnGrowing Works in 2012. He came to us from a background of truss construction and fabrication. Brooks found himself drawn to an apprenticeship opportunity in carpentry. Since he started his technical training in January of 2014 brooks has been dedicated to producing the highest quality results using Innovate, efficient construction methods without sacrificing quality. Brooks consistently continues to performed above expectations both in his technical training at SAIT achieving Red Seal Certification; and on every job site he arrives on. He is a staple and perfect example of the educational culture we work hard to maintain here at OnGrowing Works.

Raymond Vincent

Field Supervisor, Landscape Horticultural Apprentice

Raymond made his start in the construction industry by running his own sole proprietorship and honing his craft in the drywall industry. After 7 years of this he decided education was something he was missing. He enrolled at SAIT Polytechnic's Architectural Technologist program in 2012. Here he learned about residential and commercial design, planning and drafting. Raymond graduated from SAIT in 2014 and moved in to a Junior Architectural Technologist position with a small architecture firm here in Calgary. In 2015 Raymond was invited to join the OnGrowing Works Team. He continually seeks out new learning opportunities, and is now working his way through becoming a Red Seal Certified Landscape Horticulturalist. 

Denis Novak

Maintenance Supervisor

Denis is an essential piece of our organization, he brings with him the building blocks of what we at OnGrowing Works strive for in our work culture. He is Kind, thoughtful, and patient which allows him the ability to maintain a level head and stay focused on his goals when he sets them. Denis comes from a 33 year farming background in eastern Saskatchewan. Before moving west and kick starting his impressive career in the equipment maintenance field with CAT Rentals. Here Denis was tasked with maintaining all rental equipment big and small which allowed him the opportunity to learn all about the different makes, sizes and shapes of all types of equipment. In 2013 OnGrowing Works was faced with the fortunate opportunity to add another brilliant mind to our team in Denis. He has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the day-to-day operations of this business.