Cochrane Landscaping Company’s Business Manager Committed to Providing Clients with a Peace of Mind

When you’re looking for a job, what do you look for in a company? 

While salary, a work-life balance and a team of good people are key, the most important thing to Chris Felber, OnGrowing Works’ business manager, was finding a company that aligned with his morals and values.

“OnGrowing Works struck me as a place that I aligned with morally,” says Chris. “My commitment to working for a great company, who cares about their people, and in turn cares about the environment, seemed like a far off dream until I came here.”

Fast forward four years later and Chris is an integral part of the OnGrowing Works team where he wears many hats. You can find him guiding the company’s direction as the business manager, reviewing budgets as the financial controller or supporting marketing, HR and business development efforts. If you’re contacting OnGrowing Works about a potential project, Chris is your first stop.

“There is a good chance I will be the first one a client talks to when they call our office,” says Chris. “In the early stages of a project, they can also count on me to provide contracts that outline expectations of both parties, and ultimately give clients peace of mind as they entrust us to perform work around their property.”

It’s striving to provide each client with a peace of mind that drives Chris to do his best work. When you engage with OnGrowing Works, you can always count on him to foster trust, provide accurate and fair project assessments, and answer all your questions.

It starts with a vision

Chris graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He envisioned himself working for an organization that demonstrated ethical leadership, had a dedicated team culture and produced innovative work. When he saw the opportunity with OnGrowing Works, he recognized that it was a unique chance to not only expand his skills in various aspects of business, but to grow as an individual.

“I love the company’s commitment to the ‘OnGrowing’ of each individual,” says Chris. “Thanks to OnGrowing Works, I now know that both strengthening my skills and growing as an individual can go hand-in-hand in the workplace.”

Looking to the future, Chris’ vision for OnGrowing Works is to help grow it into a nationally recognized team that is known for its sustainable design and construction leadership.

“I want OnGrowing Works to be THE place to work for skilled trades people – being recognized as a top 100 managed company in Canada by 2025,” says Chris. “Our goal is to always provide the most amazing experience for our clients, combined with the highest quality of work. I believe these two commitments, combined with our morals and ethics, set us apart and will help us reach our goal.”

Want to chat with Chris? Contact him now.

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