OnGrowing Works Builds Custom Homes Too

Many clients don’t know this, but OnGrowing Works does more than landscaping – we’re home builders too! We’ve been building custom homes in and around Cochrane for years, and we want to work with you to bring your dream home to life.

Our services:

From planning and design to construction and completion of your home, our services ensure that your custom home fits your unique lifestyle and exceeds your vision. What’s even better is that as registered home builders, we are now part of the Government of Alberta’s Home Warranty Program and work with Progressive Home Warranty to bring you the best home warranty options in the industry. Learn more now.

We also offer a variety of renovations and retrofit services that include:

  • Full design and planning
  • Specification documentation and project schedule
  • Site preparation
  • Skilled construction work by both our in-house crews and trade partners
  • Clean up and walkthrough
  • One year warranty for materials and labour

Our process:

If you engage OnGrowing Works to build your custom home, what is the process we follow, and what can you expect? It all starts with an initial meeting where we discuss everything you want in your dream home. From there, the research begins with both you and OnGrowing Works collecting photos of potential ideas for your custom home based on information exchanged in the initial meeting. Once you approve the gathered photos, our partner, Sociis Design (check out Sociis Designs’ YouTube channel to learn more about custom home builds), develops sketches and renderings of your custom home.

rendering of an interior dining space.

Rendering of an interior dining space.

Once designing and planning are complete, renderings approved and contracts signed, we start construction after the building permit is approved. Starting construction includes ordering materials, surveying and delivering equipment to the site. We also create a construction that is shared with all parties.

Next, we excavate to ensure a safe and efficient space is created for your home foundation to be cribbed and poured, followed by framing and rough-in work. During the framing stage, we build the structure of your home, including exterior/interior wall and roof systems, windows and exterior doors. We also start work on interior finishes like millwork drawings and ceiling plans. Components such as HVAC, plumbing and home automation are also roughed in.

Once framing is done, we time the exterior finishing work so that your home is weather tight and that weather conditions have less impact on our working schedule. We also install the building envelope including siding, roof finish and soft metals like soffits, fascia and eavestroughs. Once precipitation is controlled and directed away from the home, we also prep and pour interior slabs, including basement and garage floors. Exterior finishing is followed by interior finishing where we install insulation, vapor barriers, drywall, interior doors, cabinetry and countertops.

3D rendering of a living room design

OnGrowing Works produces realistic 3D renderings to help clients visualize their final design. Image courtesy of Sociis Design.

Once the interior finishes are complete, OnGrowing Works cleans up the site so it’s ready for possession. On possession day, we complete a thorough walkthrough and provide a detailed orientation to familiarize you with the key components of your home and how they operate. We provide you with a handover package that outlines key components, contacts, photos and municipal documentation for your safekeeping. Finally, keys are provided and your new home is complete.

Depending on the design, this entire process takes about eight to 10 months, and we are here to walk you through every step. Want to learn more about building a custom home? View our case studies or contact us.


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Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

Let's Go!

Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

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