Three Custom Home Build Mistakes to Avoid

So you’ve decided to build a custom home – congratulations (read our blog on why you should consider building a custom home)! You likely have a vision for your home and know what features you want in it. You can even picture your family creating special memories and living life in this space. However, while building a custom home gives you the flexibility to build the space you’ve always wanted, it can be a huge task. It’s important to think through the entire process so that you can avoid major mistakes and easily mitigate challenges. But what exactly should you avoid when building your custom home? Here are OnGrowing Works’ top three custom home build mistakes to avoid:

1. Not consulting a builder familiar with the area you’re building in

You may think you’ve found your perfect piece of land – but how do you know for sure? One thing to do before you purchase your land and build your home is to speak with a home builder who is familiar with the area and who can advise you before you start. It’s best to begin this consultation process in the early stages so that the builder can help you identify potential issues with site preparation, development and utilities. If you’re comfortable with the consultation, you may wish to engage this builder in the planning, design and construction process for your new home. If you do, consider asking questions about the builder’s process, and project management abilities so that you are fully informed and confident in the choice of your home builder.

2. Rushing to build

It all starts with a plan, but unfortunately, many people get so excited about the prospect of building a custom home that they rush through the pre-construction phase. The pre-construction phase is just as important, if not more important, than the build phase. In pre-construction, you determine the scope, specification, design and budget of your home. In doing so, you and your home builder set expectations before the first hammer is swung. Taking your time during this phase ensures accurate home construction costs, reduces change orders and other unexpected costs during the construction phase, allows for a smoother construction schedule, and develops trust and transparency in your relationship with your home builder prior to building.

3. Not considering green building factors

We all have a part to play in giving back to our planet. When people build a custom home, they often forget to incorporate green building strategies. The best time to start thinking about this is during the planning and design phase, so be sure to ask your home builder questions about the latest green home solutions, as well as energy efficient alternatives. Incorporating green building strategies into your home will protect your health, enhance comfort and save you money.

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