Environmental Stewardship

At OnGrowing Works, sustainability is woven into everything we do.

At OnGrowing Works, we understand that sustainability is a balance of environmental protection and social and economic development. We believe in acting locally to meet present needs without compromising future generations to meet theirs.

As environmental stewards, we are responsible and accountable for all aspects of our lives, both personal and professional. We question the status quo and take risks to push ourselves to be better than the day before. We constantly question whether what we practice promotes stability and consistency, as well as unity among colleagues.

“Sustainability means a commitment to leaving the earth and your surroundings in a way where they are still able to flourish. One person’s actions should not impact another’s well-being and right to clean air, water and food.”

-OnGrowing Works team

Sustainability is the Solution

Wherever possible, our work supports the natural environment, creates engaging social spaces and enhances economic prosperity. We champion designs that create environmentally responsible structures and spaces from conception to completion, and that match and support local ecology. Our goal is to support an efficient and profitable future for all by making healthy material choices whenever we can and by embracing our social responsibility to educate and give back to our communities. With every project, we strive to take our sustainability passion and turn it into lasting, decisive action.

Let's Go!

Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

Let's Go!

Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

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