Prep Your Space for Fall and Winter

As the trees begin to change colours and the temperature starts to drop, OnGrowing Works wants to help you get your space ready for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Our team of craftspeople has all the skills and tools needed to transition your home’s outdoor space to ensure its longevity and enjoyment through even the coldest days. The following are just a few of the things we recommend you keep in mind during the post-summer transition:

Stay on top of fall maintenance

Tree and shrub pruning, or the trimming of dead and overgrown branches and stems, is most effective if done during the fall season. The pruning process creates small wounds in trees and shrubs, and doing so during the spring or summer seasons exposes these plants to diseases and insects that thrive during the warmer months. By pruning during the fall, you maximize the growth potential of your greenery and eliminate the risk of infection as these warm-weather-loving diseases and insects won’t survive through our harsh winter months. For example, elm trees should only be pruned between October and March to prevent Dutch Elm Disease (DED). DED is a costly, deadly disease that affects all species of elm trees in Alberta. It’s caused by a fungus that clogs the elm tree’s water conducting system, causing the tree to die. The fungus is primarily spread from one elm tree to another by three beetle species. The beetles are attracted to weak and dying trees, which serve as breeding sites. Once the beetles have pupated and turned into adults, they fly to healthy elms to feed, transporting the fungus on their bodies from one tree to the next. Winter is the best time to prune elm trees to prevent this disease from spreading.

Spring flowering bulbs should also be planted in the fall to allow them to establish roots before top growth begins in spring. Planting too early may cause the bulbs to sprout this fall, only to be killed back by winter weather, while planting too late may not give the bulbs adequate time to root before winter. If you’re not sure when to plant your bulbs this fall, we can help you find the ideal time so that they flourish next spring.

In addition, consider dividing your perennials. When perennials grow to their maximum size, you can divide them to create two plants instead of one. This will help you save money because you can use your existing plants to fill a vacant space in your garden instead of buying new ones.

Another fall maintenance task is shutting down irrigation and water features. Make sure to blow out the water lines before they freeze and break. Finally, if you want help with mulching, final weeding, soil amendments, general bed care, and leaf and debris pruning/removal, our team is here to support with that too.

Plan your fall and winter seasonal arrangements ahead of time

Seasonal arrangements are a great way to beautify your outdoor space at all times of the year, and by working with an expert to plan your arrangements ahead of time, you ensure that they’ll be crafted exactly how you envisioned them. To get the most out of these arrangements, we typically recommend that sustainable, natural materials be combined with everlasting, artificial items. Unlike their natural counterparts, these everlasting items can be kept and stored for reuse and simply switched out when an arrangement has run its course – something that our team offers as a year-round service for our customers.

Pre-order Christmas and Thanksgiving wreaths

To ensure that your holiday wreaths are delivered on time, we recommend pre-ordering them as soon as possible. Our horticulturalists will ensure that your wreath will not only be aesthetically magnificent, but also that they have longevity. During the fall and winter seasons, various winter, Christmas and Thanksgiving-themed wreaths are typically popular, and we incorporate as much organic material as we possible when we make them. For example, when we remove evergreens during landscaping projects, we always keep the boughs for seasonal projects, such as wreaths, so that we minimize our waste. We also encourage our clients to compost their wreaths once they’re done with them – it’s our goal to spread this sustainability and waste reduction mantra further.

Hang your seasonal lights

While we all love the twinkle of seasonal lights, they can be a pain to hang up. Our team can help you put up or take down your Christmas or seasonal lights – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy their festive beauty.

Ready to start planning your space for the fall and winter? Contact us and get a head start today!


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