Getting to Know OnGrowing Works

OnGrowing Works has been operating in and around the Cochrane area since 1999.

During that time the company has won multiple awards and established itself as a western Canada leader in sustainable living spaces. But who is the founder behind the company and what makes OnGrowing Works so successful?

Introducing Bruce Kay

Bruce Kay is the founder and owner of OnGrowing Works. As the company’s Chief Inspiration Officer, Bruce guides the direction of the company, ensuring his team constantly exceeds industry standards and builds long term relationships with clients. But why did he decide to start a landscape company?

“I was disappointed with where I worked. I wasn’t inspired by my job and the people I worked with. I did know that I enjoyed working with my hands and being outside, but I thought there could be more. So, I decided to take a risk, start my own business and redefine the norm.”

With these thoughts in mind, OnGrowing Works was born.

The Logo

The OnGrowing Works logo was designed to incorporate the values and skills most important to Bruce. It acts as a mantra that continually guides the company. For example, the leaf represents personal growth, encouraging the OnGrowing Works team to always stretch slightly beyond what their comfort zone is to discover their true capabilities. In addition, the logo includes four raw materials: wood, earth, stone and water. These are four of the main materials that the team uses to construct their projects. Finally, the choice of using four materials in the logo also mirrors a variety of guiding principles that Bruce uses as the foundation of his company such as The Four Agreements, the Rockefeller Habits and the Eisenhower Matrix.

Going Green Before It Was Cool

One of Bruce’s passions is living sustainably. In 1987, Bruce and his family bought a small farm with the goal of growing their own food, relying on passive energy resources and harvesting water. His love for sustainability was also woven into OnGrowing Works from the start, making the company an innovator in outdoor spaces.

“The commitment that we have to sustainability was not common in this industry at the time,” says Bruce. “It goes beyond the services we offer. It’s embedded in our culture and embraced by our team. We don’t greenwash…we actually walk the talk.”

Polite, Professional and Honest

OnGrowing Works is sought after for their quality of work, but what stands out the most with clients is the team. Every member of the OnGrowing Works family is committed to nurturing long-term relationships by ensuring an outstanding and authentic client experience; they use phased planning procedures that transparently demonstrate how and when their projects will get done within a clearly articulated budget.

“Our values are our moral compass for all of our decisions,” says Bruce. “It’s important that our clients experience good people doing meaningful work. Our clients describe us as polite tradespeople, and we are proud of that.”

Looking Forward

OnGrowing Works shows no signs of slowing down. They’re committed to continually articulating their vision for a sustainable future through home construction and outdoor space creation.

“Sustainability is becoming cool. I’m inspired by upcoming generations who value water security, energy conservation and healthy homes, and creating less waste,” says Bruce. “We are passionate about what we do and are excited about the opportunity to continue applying sustainable practices to our work.”

~by Michelle Crossland

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  1. Gardner Perry

    Providing quality work is the reason to be the sought-after company in the landscaping industry. Keep it up OnGrowing Works!

    • Michelle Crossland

      Thank you so much for your kind words!


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