Landscape Logistics 101

We’re taking a look at one of the most important tasks in any landscaping project: logistics. To get the inside scoop we spoke with Wade McArthur, our landscape project manager, to learn more. With over 26 years’ landscaping experience, Wade has been with OnGrowing Works for over a decade and is the logistical mastermind behind many of the company’s projects.

“I used to have my own company,” says Wade, “but working with OnGrowing gives me the chance to work on much bigger projects, and I have the same level of independence as I did in my own company. I love being able to turn these amazing visions into reality, working out all the details such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, excavation and masonry.”

Wade’s logistics checklist

Part of Wade’s value to the team is his eye for detail and his ability to execute the most complex plans. While the fabulous hardscaping, magnificent patio and creative plantings might be what customers appreciate at the end of a project, there are many logistical elements that go on behind the scenes to ensure long-term satisfaction.

“Our clients expect more, and I like to be able to walk them through all of the logistics and details of their project. That way they have an understanding of the process, and are confident that we’ll do it right,” says Wade.

So what’s included in the logistics landscaping process? Here’s the logistics checklist that Wade uses to ensure your project is a success:


If permits are necessary, OnGrowing Works takes care of it.


We always secure underground locates to ensure there are no safety risks.


Proper grading is a must and sometimes that means adding or removing material from the site. The sub-grade must be stable and at the correct level before retaining walls, beds, patios or anything else can be built.


When materials need to be removed from site, we plan how they are stored and transported, and whether they can be recycled, composted, etc.


We use equipment such as bobcats and excavators to establish the proper grade and install utility corridors for electrical, plumbing, etc. We typically get a subcontractor to support with plumbing and electrical work.

Structural elements:

Footings, piles and foundations are often required to build structures on.


We often need equipment to help build structural elements such as walkways, retaining walls, boulder walls and water features. This might involve moving and installing dirt, gravel and boulders.

Landscape amenities:

Many of our designs include special features such as a timber frame gazebo, water feature, water harvesting or structural timber, which all require detailed planning and organizing.


This includes coordinating the delivery and installation of soils, trees, plant materials, sod and mulches.

Strong finish:

The job’s not done until it looks pristine, and that involves a great deal of cleaning up! That means washing the street or driveway, spraying down the house and cleaning up any areas on the property (or surrounding ones) where materials have spread.

Close out:

The project is considered finished once the client is happy and inspections are complete.

Wade’s vision

Wade’s vision for his continuing role in the company is to continue providing exceptional logistical services to clients and mentorship to younger team members.

“We all want to be successful and feel the satisfaction of a job well done every day, and we want our clients to see and experience our own passion for our trade and their project. At OnGrowing Works, we guarantee that our clients won’t have to worry about the complicated logistical details of their project and will benefit from a well-organized project. All they will need to do is sit back, relax and watch our team members have a good day, every day.”

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