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In recent years, artificial grass has taken off and seen a huge increase in popularity. Technological advances to artificial turf have made it nearly indistinguishable from its natural counterpart, making it a top choice for today’s homeowners. While it’s important to consider the pros and cons of both natural and artificial grass, we want to highlight the technology behind new and improved artificial lawns and how this technology could be advantageous for your home and lifestyle.

Pros & cons: natural vs. artificial

Natural and artificial lawns both have unique pros and cons that can make or break your lawn choice decision. Natural lawns provide a recreational space for kids and pets, act as a beautiful buffer between the door and the street, and most people know how to care for them. Despite their benefits, real lawns often require chemical use, mechanical maintenance and lots of water which, in addition to the short life cycle of real grass and the need to dispose of grass clippings, discourages people from investing their time and money into it. On the other hand, artificial lawns require little maintenance, chemical treatments or watering of any kind, and are also durable, safe for kids and pets, and great for poor draining or shaded areas. They are also recyclable and contain built-in heat regulation mechanisms. While the initial, upfront cost of artificial turf is more than the cost of a natural lawn, its long lifespan provides more than enough value to justify this higher price. The cons normally associated with artificial grass, including its fake appearance, inorganic composition and heat attraction, are all gradually phasing out with biomimicry and permeable options.

Biomimicry: what is it?

Biomimicry is the imitation of nature’s models, systems and elements to solve complex human problems. In the case of artificial lawns, this “complex human problem” is grass. With the help of advanced technology, artificial turf now mimics the look of real grass blades and thatch (the organic matter that naturally accumulates around the base of a grass blade). With artificial blades that are durable, natural-feeling and able to reflect light, as well as artificial thatch fibers that contribute to the realism of the grass’s overall appearance, an artificial lawn is capable of looking almost identical to a natural one. Thanks to biomimicry, artificial grass also has better heating and cooling abilities than traditional turf.

Permeable artificial turf choices

If it’s water management you’re worried about, fear not! OnGrowing Works offers permeable synthetic turf options to both minimize and clean up stormwater runoff which prevents flooding and simultaneously protects the environment. Low Impact Development (LID) is revolutionizing the stormwater collection and management process. At OnGrowing Works, we can place permeable synthetic turf on top of the LID multi-functional design elements which allows water to run through the turf into capture crates where it’s then connected to an automated drip irrigation system and used to water surrounding shrubs and flower beds. We are a proud supporter of LID’s wastewater initiatives and can incorporate these principles into our projects.

Whether you decide that you want artificial turf or a natural lawn, OnGrowing Works can help you make and implement the best choice for your space and needs. Eager to start creating your own personalized landscape or want to learn more about turf? Contact us now.


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