Why You Should Say Yes to Winter Landscaping

Let’s be honest – Canada’s summer months are short! Why waste those precious sunny days when you could complete next summer’s landscaping work during the winter?

With over 15 years of experience providing exceptional winter construction projects, we love exceeding client expectations. Plus, our gifted team of diverse in house tradespeople has successfully completed hundreds of projects. In case you need more inspiration to start transforming your outdoor space during the winter months, here are our top six reasons why we love winter landscaping.

1. You’re Hiring Experts

OnGrowing Works has set the national industry standard for working in the winter. We’ve retained a team of highly skilled, educated, experienced and mature tradespeople who are ready to work with you all year long. Want to take your home’s heating system to the next level? Contact us to chat about our solar thermal heating system installation and maintenance services.

2. Quality Assurance

All projects are overseen by the foremost experts in their trades. Our project managers are highly experienced in building high-quality landscape projects during the winter months. If that isn’t enough assurance, we always stand by our work and have lucrative warranty incentive plans to ensure your peace of mind.

3. Less Disruption

In the summer months, outdoor spaces are frequently used, so it can be difficult to find time to start a project with so many get-togethers and activities planned. Winter landscaping is ideal because you won’t experience the loss of your outdoor space for any period during this valuable time.

4. Less Damage

Winter landscaping causes less damage to our natural environment because the ground is frozen. In the summer, material storage and running equipment on mature gardens can cause damage which may need to be repaired with new soil, sod, paving stone and asphalt – all of which cost money.

5. Cost Management

As phased project specialists, we mitigate any additional heating and hoarding expenses associated with winter landscaping. We do this through a process of excavation and site prep in the fall with a return in the winter to do the bulk of the construction. This is followed by any ‘softscape’ or planting requirements in the spring.

6. Financial Security

Trusting any contractor to work around your home can be stressful. Our business development team will also work with you to generate a contract and a plan that fits your specific financial needs.

Ready to get going? Contact us now to plan your winter landscaping project.


  1. Landscaping Depot Ottawa

    Thank you to the author for shedding light on this often overlooked aspect of landscaping and for inspiring me to embrace the magic of winter in my own outdoor spaces. I am excited to explore the possibilities and create a winter landscape that will bring joy and wonder to myself, my family, and anyone who sets foot in my garden.

    • Michelle Crossland

      Thanks so much for your note! We’re so glad that you found this article helpful!


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Let's Go!

Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

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