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Services: planning and design, custom home build, green home features

A client purchased an empty lot in Calgary’s Bowness neighbourhood. Facing the Bow River, the lot is located on a quiet street that features a mix of custom and pre-existing two-storey houses. The client decided to build their own custom home and approached OnGrowing Works’ partner, Sociis Design, to complete the plan and design. Sociis Design worked closely with all the client’s family members, including two teenage boys, to ensure the house’s design reflected everyone’s vision. OnGrowing Works started constructing the house in August 2021. 


The client’s vision was to design a two-story home that fit their lifestyle and took into consideration Bowness’ flood zone environment. The home’s plan and design incorporated the following:

Raised main floor and no basement:

Because Bowness is located in a flood zone, the house is specifically designed without a basement so that the client doesn’t need to worry about flooding and water damage. To further mitigate flooding, the main floor is raised 42 inches above the ground. Once the home is built, the landscape will also incorporate techniques to minimize flooding risks.

Three-car garage:

Because there isn’t a basement, the client required more storage space, so a three-car garage is included in the design.

Unique roofline:

The client had a clear vision for the roof design and roof line, so Sociis Design incorporated a coastal look to meet this goal.

Open concept design and non-obstructed river views:

The client wanted to ensure they could see the beautiful river view from wherever possible in their home. One of the primary ways this was achieved was by designing the living room at the back of the house so it’s hidden, private and personal, while also looking out at the river. In addition, both the living room and kitchen are open concept so that walls don’t obstruct the view. The design also incorporates a unique 21” folding door system that easily opens and slides to the side, literally opening the living area to the scenery beyond.

Three bedrooms:

One master bedroom and two bedrooms for the client’s kids are included in the design. It was important to the client that both of the kid’s bedrooms face the river view. In addition, each of their rooms includes a walk-in closet that leads to a private bathroom. The bathroom doors resemble closet doors so that the bathrooms are completely hidden and private. The master bedroom faces the street and has a private deck, walk-in closet and a master ensuite with a shower and tub. It also includes vaulted ceilings with windows that provide bright, natural lighting.

Unique kitchen space:

The client loves to cook and entertain, so the kitchen’s design allows the family to prepare food while simultaneously engaging with anyone in the living room. The design also includes an 8-foot island, and the client specifically wanted the mud room and pantry combined and attached to the garage so that groceries don’t have to be carried through the house.

Alignment and symmetry:

Features throughout the house are aligned to create a sense of flow and symmetry in the entire space.

Gym and laundry space:

A gym and laundry are included in one convenient area on the upper floor.

Family room:

A family room can be found on the second floor with a landing for the kids to play video games and watch movies.

Green home features:

It was important to the client to incorporate sustainable features into the house to decrease their environmental footprint and create a healthy living space. Rather than using traditional solar panels, solar shingles were chosen. To maximize the amount of sunlight, the bedrooms and living area were designed facing either south, east or west, while rooms that are not used often face north. In addition, instead of installing a traditional furnace, the family chose hydronic in-floor heating which distributes heat evenly throughout the home. Also, a metal product that is 100 per cent recyclable and requires zero maintenance was chosen for the house’s exterior. While this material is metal, it mimics the look of wood. For the interior selections, the client chose linoleum flooring for the upper floor. Linoleum is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available today. Also, for the main floor, the client chose polished concrete flooring that has low volatile organic compound emissions. Finally, triple glazed windows were chosen to minimize heat loss.

Rendering of custom home at night

A night-time rendering of the Bowness River Home. 

The Result

The client’s custom 3,981 square foot home is currently under construction, and OnGrowing Works will be working closely with the client throughout the entire construction process to create the contemporary and modern home that the client envisions. Construction is expected to be completed in April 2022.

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