Welcome to the World of Winter Landscaping

It’s getting colder outside, leaves are falling off the trees and the days are getting shorter. It’s that time when we start to put away our patio furniture, winterize our yards and lament about the landscape projects we didn’t complete during the summer. But wait – what if you didn’t have to wait until next summer to start your next landscaping project? What if you could continue during the winter?

It’s true! Landscaping projects can continue into the colder months, and the snowy season is actually the perfect time to get your outdoor space ready for the next warm season. Projects such as earth work (including grading and shaping), stone work (such as patios, retaining walls, fireplaces, fire pits and exterior home masonry), wood work (like decks, privacy screens and trellis) and water work (like water harvesting projects, water features, creeks, ponds and some irrigation systems), can all be done in the winter months. In case you need more inspiration to start transforming your outdoor space during the winter months, here are our top five reasons why we love winter landscaping:

1. Less disruption.

In the summer months, outdoor spaces are frequently being used; it can be difficult to find time to start a project with so many get-togethers and activities planned. Winter landscaping is ideal because people aren’t using their outdoor spaces as much meaning landscaping will cause less disruption and not limit the time you spend in your space during the warm seasons.

2. Less damage.

Winter landscaping causes less damage to our natural environment because the ground is frozen. In the summer, material storage and running equipment on mature gardens can cause damage which may need to be repaired with new oil, sod, paving stone and asphalt – all of which cost money.

3. Easier excavations.

During the summer, many clients want water features added to their outdoor spaces. It’s easier if these features are installed in the winter because snow is easier to clean and does less damage to newly excavated soil. In the landscaping world, rain and excavations don’t go well together. Not only can it ruin newly excavated soil, but it also means more wasted time waiting for the ground to dry in order to begin digging again.

4. Increased professionalism.

The landscaping industry is notorious for hiring many workers in April and laying them off in November. This makes it especially hard to foster a meaningful career and make a living. Any successful landscaping and construction business knows the value of their people, and at OnGrowing Works, we are proud to share that our dedicated team has been working year round for over 10 years. We offer more than a summer job – we offer careers where great trades and crafts people are developed and supported. Thanks to this year-round mentality, we have retained a team of highly skilled, educated, experienced and mature tradespeople who are ready to work with you.

5. Optimum enjoyment.

By completing the heavy lifting in the winter, your garden is ready to grow as soon as the warm weather arrives allowing you to maximize time in your beautiful outdoor space.

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Ready to begin your project? Contact us now to get started.

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