Four Tips to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Spring

It may not feel like it yet, but spring is only a few short months away.

That means we will have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful outdoor spaces very soon. However, there are multiple things that should be done now to get your space ready for spring so you can maximize enjoyment. We’ve put together four simple tips for you to consider:

1. Start Early

We get it. The ground is still frozen, it gets dark early and it’s too cold to go outside. However, February and March are the perfect months to start preparing your outdoor space for spring. Getting your landscape ready for spring can take longer than you realize, and with Canada’s short growing season, it’s important to get ahead of things that are calendar driven. This means February and March are an ideal time to start, especially if you want to install new features in your space that require design and construction work. Plus, for optimal plant health, it’s best to prune certain trees and shrubs in winter and spring.

2. Maintain Your Space

It’s likely been a few months since your outdoor space or landscape was used, so some maintenance will be needed. Corrective pruning and plant health assessments are critical to ensure your garden is fit and vibrant, and following horticultural best practices throughout the winter is recommended. In addition, plant beds and lawns may need to be prepped, and soil should be checked and cared for to ensure it’s protected and offers the correct nutrients for your plants. Mulch, compost and compost tea may also be needed before the growing season to prevent the spread of weeds, and water features, water harvesting and irrigation systems may also need to be cleaned or serviced. Take an inventory of your garden tools and make sure to plant your perennials. Don’t forget to clean any hardscapes that include paving stone. All these things can be taken care of before the spring so they are fully functioning when you’re ready to enjoy your space during warmer weather.

3. Think Sustainability

If you haven’t already done so, consider creating a compost for your organic waste. By starting in the winter months, you will be able to decompose enough waste to make your soil rich with nutrients in the summer. The great thing about creating a compost, is that it’s a sustainable investment for your outdoor space that you can build and contribute to all year round.

In addition, get your water harvesting barrels set-up to capture as much snow as possible in the winter months. While it will freeze and turn to ice, when it melts, you can use this to water your plants. As a general rule of thumb, try not to use drinking water when watering your plants.

4. Enjoy

Once your outdoor space is maintained and ready, set-up your patio furniture, get your barbeque ready and make a committed effort to enjoy your outdoor space or landscape. Schedule time with friends and family to enjoy your hard work and take the time to relax in your space.

~by Michelle Crossland

Interested in learning more about how to maintain your outdoor space?

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  1. Tricia Loney

    Your four simple tips are great. However, my Gardening Guiro believes that too early is harmful to the critters that should not be disturbed until the frost is out of the ground. Trimming deadwood from hydrangeas may destroy dormant insects and good bacteria. Raking leaf cover from beds too early exposes new growth to cold temperatures. It’s hard to hold back especially when growing season is short. However, suggest focusing on getting tools and materials in order. Our wheelbarrow tire needs inflating; the spades, machete, hand tools need washing, disinfecting & sharpening, work area organizing. These tasks give time for observation, for thoughtful planning, envisioning result thus pleasure. And creating suspense for the time to hit the ground running. Thanksgiving to all, Tricia from Canmore

    • Michelle Crossland

      Hi Tricia – thanks for reading our blog. You make some excellent points below, and we agree. When you start to get your garden ready for spring, it’s essential to not disturb critters, insects and bacteria or expose new growth. Getting your tools and materials in order is also a great idea, and thoughtfully planning and envisioning what you want to do with your space helps to ensure an enjoyable summer. Sounds like we are aligned!


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